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Read my science blog - I am a freelance science journalist, with more than a quarter of a century of experience writing and editing for a vast range of popular science publications. Keep up with the latest science news and views here.


Listen to my music - I am a prolific singer-songwriter in a wide range of styles, music is music (right?) You can listen to and download my critically acclaimed music from iTunes, BandCamp, Tradiio, beat100, SoundCloud, Youtube and other outlets. Hit the right notes with my music here.


View my photo galleries - I snap almost anything that catches my eye, looking for intriguing people, doing intriguing things, beautiful scenes, patterns, oddities and more besides. You can view my photos on flickr, 500px, Facebook. All my photography links are here.


Grab my latest book - Deceived Wisdom is available from the usual outlets or to download. Here's what renowned science writer John Emsley had to say: "At last, a book that blows away many of the urban myths that we've come to accept without questioning. Well written and engrossing" and TV and radio broadcaster and journalist Francis Wheen described it as his "dream book".

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