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I am a freelance science journalist writing for a wide range of magazines, papers, websites and organisations. My site started life in 1995 as a blog before there were blogs posting science news, interviews, opinion pieces. Now, you can get to all my stuff - science, photography, music from here.

Wishful Thinking - The album


Dave Bradley's attempt at musical world domination. An interesting mix of original acoustic and electric original songs and collaborations. Download.

Deceived Wisdom - The "book of the blog"


My major project of 2012 was a first solo book - Deceived Wisdom. Published by E&T Books and available from all good outlets it peaked at #1 on amazon and was ahead of Cox and Attenborough for several days in their science sales charts. An Audible edition narrated by actor Kris Dyer is available and you can buy it for immediate download for your e-reader from Sciencebase.com.

David Bradley - Science journalist

I trained in chemistry and after working in the US ended up as an editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry. I have written for many publications including New Scientist, Science, Nature, Popular Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, BioTechniques, American Scientist, MIT Technology Review, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph... I also started or help start early news sites for several organisations in the mid to late 1990s. You can find out more and contact me here.

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