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I am a freelance science journalist, with more than a quarter of a century of experience writing and editing for a wide range of magazines, newspapers and websites, including New Scientist, Science, Nature, American Scientist, Technology Review, Guardian, Telegraph. You can find out more and contact me here. You can view some of my photography via the Flickr button above or hear my songs through the soundcloud button.

Dave's Music


Music has been a passion since I first banged a toy drum, strummed a mini guitar and wailed my head off as a toddler. Hopefully, my musicality has improved in the intervening four decades, so do check out my acrostic acoustic and eclectic electric songs.

Deceived Wisdom


Amazon #1 bestseller Deceived Wisdom, published by E&T Books, and still available from all good outlets. You can download the sciencebase "book of the blog".

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