Defining Obesity

Following on from Wednesday’s posting on the subject of an obesity stifling pill, health professionals have been told that they need to use more than tape measures and scales to define and tackle obesity. The claim appears in the British Journal of Advanced Nursing. Maryanne Davidson of Yale University discovered that many women fail to […]

Play Suduko Online

Anyone who has not yet caught the Sudoku bug, has obviously either been living on another planet during the last year, or just does not like these frustratingly addictive number puzzles. Anyway, I’ve syndicated a daily Sudoku feed for Sciencebase readers, either click the Suduko snapshot on the homepage or play suduko online here. If […]

Hormone Stifles Appetite, Fights Obesity

Researchers in the UK have discovered that topping up levels of a gut hormone could help people stave off feelings of hunger as well as increase activity in overweight and obese people. According to research to be published in the International Journal of Obesity injections of the appetite-suppressing hormone oxyntomodulin, which is found in the […]