Curious X-shooter Antibiotics

A sneak preview of my spectroscopyNOW ezine headlines for June 1: Bi-curious microcylinders – A team in the US has produced micrometre-wide discs and elongated rods from bi-coloured and multicoloured compartments. The composite materials could have novel applications in diagnostics, drug delivery, and a new type of display technology. X-shooter snap the cosmos – The […]

Fear of Flying

Personally, I’ve never had a problem with a fear of flying, a lot of people suffer from this often debilitating phobia though despite reassurances about road death statistics being much worse than air crashes. That said perhaps there is one aspect of flying that should be of concern – exposure to radiation from outer space, […]

Freelance Science Writer

David Bradley Science Writer – I am a freelance science writer. I’ve been plying the trade for more than two decades and have worked in most areas of science for a wide variety of outlets from daily papers, such as The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, dozens of trade magazines in the chemical and pharmaceutical […]