Nuclear reactors and soft X-rays

Science links for this week, including my latest news in Materials Today Self-powered sensors: Biomaterials – Piezoelectric arrays could provide the power for a lab-on-a-chip device Pushing droplets around: Surface science – Pushing droplets around a surface A safe reaction: Nuclear – Self-healing materials could make nuclear power plants safer Atheist sex – So…which students […]

Lifelong learning is about connecting people

Individuals now have the autonomy to make their own learning choices and in recent years there has been an emphasis on the “self made learner”, especially in adult education and ongoing professional development. As such, online communities and other so-called web 2.0 tools have come to the fore as potentially useful for educators and students […]

Hubble enhanced, open science, bogus research

These are a few of the science stories that caught my eye this past week: Hubble’s 20th anniversary treat – A stupendous image of a distant region of space, colour enhanced (of course) but amazing nevertheless. Draft White Paper – Researcher identifiers – How about a "SciID", like OpenID or a DOI but for identifying […]