Tips for clearing snow and ice

Tips for clearing snow and ice It is legal to remove snow and ice from outside your property, pathways and public spaces as long as you do it considerately Start early – much easier to clear fresh, loose snow Don’t use hot water – it melts the snow, but replaces it with black ice Use […]

Climate change and digital music

Information technology has a carbon footprint, that’s beyond doubt. Now, writing in a special issue of the Journal of Industrial Ecology, Christopher Weber, Jonathan Koomey and Scott Matthews in the US in work supported by grants from Microsoft Corporation and Intel Corporation have calculated that purchasing music digitally reduces the energy and carbon dioxide emissions […]

Six science books for the holiday season

Six science books for the holiday season subjects as diverse as molecular biology pioneer Sydney Brenner, the question of antimatter, how scientists can better explain their research to non-scientists, a history of the chemical elements, scientific feuds and how innovators exploit business and technology trends. Minitrends – Minitrends are emerging trends that promise to become […]