End of the year Alchemist

Last 2011 issue of The Alchemist. Watch out for more in 2012. Meanwhile: an alchemical trick if ever there was one is revealed this week by chemists in Israel who have made insoluble substances soluble while mathematics helps cut costs in tracing black gold. In the wild, The Alchemist also learns why some chilis are […]

12 chemistry research highlights for 2011

This year’s headlines from my monthly Research Highlights column on ChemistryViews.org Ouroboros Breathes Benzene December — As benzene breathes, its aromaticity ebbs and flows according to new derivative current-density maps Flexible Crystals November — New discovery not only hints at existence of “flexible” crystals, but also shows how such materials could be probed in greater detail Could […]

Just do one thing to boost your health

For 23.5 hours each day you can sit, slouch, sleep, whatever…but whatever the whatever, make sure you walk for the remaining 0.5 hours in the day. It is the single best thing you can do for your mental and physical health. It is the “green prescription” the cash-free Rx we can all self-prescribe to improve […]