About Sciencebase

What is Sciencebase, what is this blog for, and who reads it?

I can almost answer the first question, but the latter two…well only you really know the answer to that. The Sciencebase FAQ should answer some of those questions about this, the science news and views site of David Bradley.

Elemental Discoveries was the chemistry news section I did for the RSC’s Gas Jar (renamed by the editor and I as New Elements in 1996). Elem Disc was a kind of offline chemistry blog until I converted it to a website in late 1995 and published the first issue in early 1996. In 1999, I registered Sciencebase.com and redirected Elemental Discoveries there and began expanding it into the one-man science portal you see today – carrying my personal science blog and other stuff.

In addition, there are pages that carry headlines from other resources such as Eurekalert and hopefully provide readers with even more timely news items. There are literally dozens every day. Too many for me to write about individually. If you spot an interesting science news headline in those sections, read it then and there because they update frequently.

Sciencebase is hopefully for anyone with an interest in the world around them but specifically those who would like to understand it, as to who reads Sciencebase, everyone from high school students looking for ideas for their science fair projects to senior professors and Nobel laureates, as well as fellow science writers.