You Are a Monkey

Do you think of yourself as more than a monkey? I say monkey, but of course I mean ape, and so do the guys who made this video…but as they point out, monkey, ape, are just words to try and elevate the position in the universe of the monkey that happens to have the biggest and most well connected brain. I suspect Richard Dawkins would enjoy this video. It really does tell it like it is:

Check out this post for a brief review of Dawkins’ latest book, The God Delusion, and his interview with Paxman on Life, the Universe, and Teapots.

3 thoughts on “You Are a Monkey”

  1. I have seen this video on many blogs. I think that it is inciteful (did I spell that right?) and funny, without being pompous. This should be reality check for all of the self important moral leaders.

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