Artemisinin Could Kill Selectively

Artemisinin could selectively kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. Many moons ago I wrote about pioneering medicinal chemistry into this ancient Chinese fever remedy that was showing promise in fighting malaria. Now, in the spirit of modern drug-multitasking it turns out the twisted little tricyclic can also kill cancer cells!

Author: David Bradley

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  1. I was diagnosed w/colo/rectal cancer 2/09…..underwent 10? wks chemo/radiation..tumors shrunk greatly…4 diappeared from liver…colon tumor rhe size of a large marble…is non detectable (physically) going for PET tomorrow am…anyway, began taking artemisinin after conversation w/Dr. H. Lai, after chemo etc….I am feeling better these days, however, flew to Dallas from Utah for consultation w/Dr. Sym…. who specializes on the more difficult spinchter sparing operation…Dr. ….. @ U of U ( NIC ) wanted me to have a permanent colostomy, my friend Bob M …… refered me to a contact w/Dr. Lai and the tunmor is still shrinking,requires a PET scan to even find it now ( if it can be found …keeping my fingers crossed ), @ the same time the liver surgeon @ Uof U says he will not operate on my liver now…came to Dallas had to get an oncologist here in order to see surgeon, now even after all this progress and no tumor visible in liver he insists he needs to operate, and he had the gall to ask how I was going to pay for it! I have Blue cross…(federal) OK ing 1million…methinks I smell greed….I will go w/ the National Cancer Institutes surgeons on the liver issue and I am hoping for a cleaner bill on the colon…I’ve been out of Atemisinin for a mo. and am looking for a local supplier, left other in Utah but after PET scan in morning will visit herbologist…I am confused about the radically different medical opinions….also can’t find Dr. Lai s ph# believe I recieved the Rx from Holley in Washinton state…prefer to stay w/what has been working so far…Pheel

    PS will try to find this page later from file on desktop…………ptf

  2. In the hospital, i gave my wife 2 100mg. capsules of artemisinin 4 times daily. We did not tell doctors. In 4 days they said she had a remarkable improvement of her stage iv cancer. however she died later of pneumonia from metastases to her lungs.

    I later had a pea-size tumor in my scrotum. I took the same dosage for 3 weeks. Every 5 days the tumor halved itself. On the 21st day it was gone!! That was 5 years ago, I take 1 100mg. capsule morning anf night now as a preventative. Never any side affects.
    Also, I had hemorrhoids and they disappeared and never returned!

    Also, I suggested the same dosage to a lady friend who had squamous cell cancer on her thigh, calf and forearm. I also suggested that she make a poultice or paste of artemisinin and water and place it on the cancer lesions then cover with a band-aid. In 30 days her doctor delclared her cancer free!

    Artemisinin is truly a remarkable herb!!!

    I e-mailed Dr. Henry Lai, U of Washington, Seattle about the squamous cell cancer cure and he replied that artemsinin is medically proven to be effective against squamous cell cancer!

  3. I developed acute idiosyncratic hepatitis whiletaking artemisinin. I also had to use DEET
    Have you seen this happend

  4. COME ON……………………………………..I KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON TAKING ARTEMISININ? Please let us know what you think? Lets see if this old Worm Wood Works?????

  5. Hi………..Not sure if this is the right place to leave my comment? I heard about Artemisinin through a friend that had stomach cancer. I was diagnoses with breast cancer two years ago…Stage 3B. In November I learned I have a spot on my liver and spleen has many dots! I started taking Artemisinin January 2009…..2 a day with yogurt! Cancer markers have dropped . I also am taking AVASTIN and Taxol infusions. I wondered how long to take the Artemisinin?? I have heard it’s a preventive herb? I feel great and will have a cat scan the first part of March. Please forgive me, if I put this comment in the wrong place. I have chemo brain…..and goof up often. Can anyone give me a comment? Blessings Pam Johnson.

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