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Here’s a top listing of questions that bring readers to sciencebase from the Ask Jeeves search engine. We cannot promise to answer them all here, but search the site and you may find enlightenment or at the very least some factlets of even more interest.

How old was Einstein when he wrote his papers on relativity?
When were the largest glaciers in history?
Where can I find some wow facts about sodium?
When Mars will look as large as the full Moon to the naked eye?
How much does the Japanese government spend on computers?
What planet is most like Earth?
How many barrels of oil do Americans use every day?
What is the width of a dime?
Why can’t frogs smoke?
How far is Sedna from the sun?
How do humans recognize faces?
What killed Otzi the iceman?
Where is the Earth’s crust thickest?

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  1. if a open storage tank 20 metres high is completely filled with a liquid whose relative density is 1.25 acceleration due to gravity is 9.81ms, the desity of water is 1000kg m3 atmospheric pressure is 101kpa the absolute pressure will be?

  2. The usual explanation is about cells on the surface of the skin absorbing water through osmosis, swelling and causing the underlying layer to buckle. This is now known not to be true. As long ago as 1935, scientists knew that the fingers of people with median nerve palsy do not wrinkle and go “pruney”, which suggests that a mechanism associated with vasoconstriction (blood vessel narrowing) is to root cause.

    From Wikipedia: Water probably initiates the wrinkling process by altering epidermal electrolyte homeostasis as it diffuses into the porous skin of the hands and soles via their many sweat ducts. Altered epidermal electrolyte homeostasis would lead to a change in membrane stability of the surrounding dense network of nerve fibers and trigger increased vasomotor firing with subsequent vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction, through loss of volume, leads to negative digit pulp pressure resulting in a downward pull on the overlying skin, which wrinkles as it is distorted.

    Finger wrinkling is now used as a simple test for nerve damage and vasoconstriction.

  3. please can you tell me about how the insulating properties of fabric are linked to thermoregulation

  4. hiya,
    could you please tell me what a pancreas is and dose exactley.also ow it helps digest our food.
    i no what it is but still need this information confirmed.( a body part just under your stomach)
    because every website i go on just tells me facts and about pancreas cancers.
    this is for a science project at school and i need to know alot of information before tomorrow.


  5. Sara – interesting question. To find an answer you need to know the area of the US mainland, the diameter of the marbles you want to work with, the value of Avogadro’s constant, and an idea of how spherical objects can pack together. That will give you the information you need to answer your question.

  6. i have no earthly idea ….duh i realy dont try on that because it just DUMB !!! hahaha hehe ya i dont like to rasie my hand so if i rasie it at all ill very low so the teacher dont have to see it alot ya so if you are like me DO IT !!!!!!! so easy!!!

  7. 26
    millions of years ago
    quite some time to go yet
    millions of yen
    venus (in terms of size and composition, but not atmosphere)
    less than a quarter (of an inch)
    because they keep getting their matches wet
    it was discovered at a distance 90 times greater than that from the sun to the earth (about 3 times further away than Pluto)
    usually by looking at them
    nobody knows for certain how he died (murdered or hypothermia)
    below the continents

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