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Beer and bingo budget


You can say what you like about politicians…but deep, deep down, they’re all self-serving, money-grubbing, knee-jerking, U-turning bustards. It seems that here in Brit Land we have a particularly peculiar penchant for those that are also dullards and bores. But, at least, come budget time, they get their priorities right in terms of voter retention: no extra tax and beer nor bingo. And we get a new pound coin that looks ironically like the old threepenny bit we had until decimalisation. You know that era of endless food rationing, world wars, abject poverty, no national health service, no antibiotics nor vaccines, tuberculosis, polio, diptheria, workhouses etc…


Interesting additional point, the 12-faced (14-faced not counting indentations, grooves, lettering, Queen’s mugshot etc) coin would be easily recognisable jangling around during a game of pocket billiards in a blackout. A blackout you say? Like wot they had during WWII? Indeed…could be quite timely given the resurrection of the Cold War and fears of WWIII…

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