Breaking scandal at the BBC

UPDATE: This has ended up being one of the most popular Sciencebase blog posts and garnered almost 100 retweets. Despite this, the BBC is yet to hex their oct. Bizarre really, they spent several minutes on Radio4 Today discussing how to genetically modify Brussels sprouts to avoid stinky farts but they cannot get their crystalline water symmetry right…

This is a disgrace. Octagonal snow flake (actually a snow crystal) on BBC’s 2012 Christmas ident. Snowflakes abide by hexagonal symmetry due to crystal packing characteristics of water molecules in ice. As they would know if they’d read Deceived Wisdom. Hasn’t there been enough scandal at The Beeb this year without this?

7 thoughts on “Breaking scandal at the BBC”

  1. My family were complaining about this. They don’t get it and neither do you. This is sophisticated social comment. It’s clearly not an ice crystal. It’s a cheap plastic snowflake shape being exploded to smithereens in the laser light of BBC journalistic standards. If it were supposed to be an ice crystal it wouldn’t have eight sides. The bbc is making a stand against consumerism, dumbing down, and the plasticisation of Christmas. Bravo!

  2. Literally every human being knows this! My entire family knows this (I think), and most of them probably don’t realize water is a chemical!

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