Breast is Best in Melamine Scandal

breastfeeding-babyThe melamine in milk scandal continues to draw interest. You recall, across Asia, in particularly in China, infant formula milk was discovered to be contaminated with a starting material for making plastics and fire retardant materials, melamine. Thousands of babies were hospitalised with possible renal failure, and several died.

But, could some good have come out of this scandal? Apparently, breast-feeding rates have bounced back across Asia, according to some reports and a roundtable, Secure nutritious diet: Save children’s lives, organised jointly by Save the Children UK and others is using the melamine scare to help promote the breast is best message. It has been demonstrated time and again that breastfeeding reduces infant mortality rates particularly in the developing world. One wit even suggested that the melamine contamination was done deliberately to promote breastfeeding, a nonsense, obviously.

Others are now reporting that the formula manufacturers are hoping to restrict this renewed enthusiasm for breastfeeding by heavy promotion of their products even if they are in breach of WHO guidelines on marketing of breast milk substitutes.

Others benefiting from the melamine scandal, although not in the same cynical way are chemical analysis companies, who, according to the Boston Globe are seeing improved business as food safety scares raise the profile of state-of-the-art testing equipments, including melamine test kits. The Gainesville Sun even reported on a woman who had developed her own testing kit for melamine.

As was mentioned in a comment on a previous melamine post, the US FDA has updated its import alert on melamine: “Detention without physical examination of all milk products, milk derived ingredients and finished food products containing milk from china due to the presence of melamine and/or melamine analogs.”

3 thoughts on “Breast is Best in Melamine Scandal”

  1. It is fascinating to watch the melamine scare spread. Formula, artificial baby milk, has frequent recalls/notifications of variations in formulations, contaminations of its numerous synthetic or highly processed ingredients, etc. and yet it gets a pass by the public. The formula companies have convinced the public that their product is safe, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that formula lowers intelligence, and increases infections and the incidence of numerous degenerative and autoimmune diseases. The most destructive impact of formula on infants is the disruption of the gut flora. Studies show that one feeding with formula will have a lasting impact to make the gut flora inflammatory. Formula is the opposite of prebiotic, it is pro-inflammatory. There is a reason that the World Health Organization condemns advertising of formula. The US is one of the few countries that permits this advertising.

  2. I think there are some companies promoting test kits to individuals, which isn’t right, but there are legitimate firms working for regulatory authorities who are doing nothing wrong, they will simply benefit when food scares arise.

  3. On the one hand, Save the Children UK using this recent health scare to promote their own agenda is morally permissible. But for chemical analysis companies to capitalize is, for me at least, a little strange.

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