Calcium, cola, and osteoporosis

I just posted a note over on the science news forum sciscoop about the latest research showing how women are at increased risk of osteoporosis if they are regular cola drinkers. Men don’t seem to suffer this increased risk and women are imbibe carbonated drinks other than cola are unaffected too. I suspect it is related to the high phosphoric acid levels in cola.

I remember Prof Bruce Tattershall telling his chemistry students that the only reason cola is manufactured with phosphoric acid is that adding the cheaper, and merely dibasic sulfuric, as opposed to tribasic phosphoric, acid to the ingredients list would reduce the market to zero.

It’s a shame, because it is apparently the high affinity of the phosphate ion for calcium in bones that is the underlying cause of the increased risk of osteoporosis. This doesn’t explain why men are unaffected in the study, but does point to an obvious solution for women worried about the risk. Buy cola made with sulfuric acid instead…no….stop drinking this pathological stuff altogether!

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