Next stop, Chemistry Central

A new open access site for chemists – Chemistry Central – launches today as part of the newly announced Open Access Central group of sites from the makers of BioMedCentral.

CC collates peer-reviewed research from a range of open-access journals and makes available the original research articles as soon as they are published.

Deputy Publisher and former chemist Bryan Vickery explains the motivation, “We have seen increasing interest from chemists in the open access publishing model and, having launched two chemistry-specific titles in the last 18 months, the time seemed right for BioMed Central to create an open access publishing website to meet the needs of chemists,” he says.

On the CC roster are OA articles from Geochemical Transactions, the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, and chemistry-related articles from BMC Pharmacology, BMC Biochemistry, and BMC Chemical Biology.

As well as viewing the latest research highlights and content from featured journals, the Chemistry Central site provides a forum for the discussion of articles, and users can subscribe to email alerts.

“The BioMed Central team has created an open access publishing website to meet the needs of chemists,” Vickery told Sciencebase, he adds that, “The initial launch phase of Chemistry Central has three main thrusts. Firstly, to raise awareness among chemists that a credible open access alternative to traditional scholarly publications exists, that will disseminate their work more widely and increase readership and use. Secondly, it showcases the chemistry research which BioMed Central’s journals are already publishing, proving their technical suitability for chemistry research. Thirdly, by launching Chemistry Central we are offering our open access publishing services to those who wish to launch new open access journals in chemistry, or to transfer existing journals to this model.”

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