Chemistry jobs

Chemistry Jobs

There are lots of opportunities out there in the job market for chemists, so check out our newly updated chemistry jobs newsfeed powered by You will find the latest opportunities in all areas of the chemical sciences: Lectureships, research jobs, MBAs, tenure track positions, fellowships, university programs, lectureships, post-doctoral positions, research experience opportunities, research assistant jobs, and faculty positions from all the big players.

Technical tasks include Pfizer looking to fill Molecular & Cell Biology Pathways R4-R6 2 positions and Cell Biologist / Assay Development R3-R5. On the admin side of science, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is looking for an Assistant to Chairman.

Clinilabs has several jobs to fill in New York: Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Coordinator, Director of Business Development, Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager, and several others.

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  1. Great article! I thought the following information would be helpful for chemists interested in postdoc or postmaster positions, as ORNL has several current opportunities. A recent study conducted by The Scientist magazine regarding Scientific Postdocs put Oak Ridge National Laboratory at the top of the list: Reference

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