ChemSpy Updated

After several weeks of procrastination, I have finally converted the Chemspy chemistry homepage to the theme being used for the chemistry news blog section of the site. All the old links and pages are now part of the site’s Testtube Rack blogroll in the right-hand sidebar. The chemical search box is now at the foot of the homepage and still gives you rapid access to searches on ChemSpider, Chemrefer, Chemindustry, PubChem, Chemfinder, NIST Webbook, and Google Scholar. If I’ve overlooked any particular search tool please leave a comment and I’ll mod the script to include it, moreover if readers feel Google Scholar is inappropriate, please say so.

The Chemspy newsfeed now sends you full text posts from the site straight to your news reader without you even having to visit the site, unless you want to comment on a post, use the advanced search tools, access the tutorials and other industry news pages (which will all be updated to the new theme as soon as possible, by the way).

Most importantly, though, I’ve finally ditched the Flash header on the homepage, the script files were corrupted at some point during the last few weeks and it was no longer working, but with the advent of Firefox and addons, such as NoScript, many visitors would not have been seeing the site in its full glory, so the header is now a simple static graphic, with the well-known green-eye logo and the site’s internet navigator slogan.

Any and all comments welcome, but please be patient with sub-pages outside the blog heirarchy as I am still in the process of converting those.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rock god.