Chemunpub Forum Redux

Just got wind, by way of old friend Michael Engel, of a rather intriguing forum for chemists called chemunpub.

The Chemistry Unpublished Papers forum, looks like a great place to find out what’s going on underneath the public face of research chemistry, with posters asking what they should do with their ‘green’ ionic liquids once they’ve finished with them and info about papers that shouldn’t have been published at all!

This from the forum FAQ itself:

Section: Unpublished results – Post procedures, experiments etc that any experienced chemist can think will work, judging on experience, similarity among substrates, known reactions, literature, etc. but they actually work only partially or don’t work at all.

Section: X-Files – Unexpected reactions: post here weird and bizzare chemistry behaviour…

Section: Fake Chemistry – in ten years of research, sometimes we encountered papers claiming wonderful yields and easy procedures that turned out to be absolutely irreproducible. In those case, our conclusion is that latitude is a key reaction parameter…

Section: General Chemistry Discussion – anything chemistry related that you (or moderators) think is not appropriate for the other sections, requests, suggestions, meeting announcements, research proposals, trends in chemistry etc.

I think anyone with an interest in the dark side of chemical research should keep a close eye on this forum over the coming months.

This item was originally published on Tuesday, but I’ve brought it back to the front to highlight interesting comments I received today from both Engel and the ChemUnPub webmaster

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  1. It’s right there, in the left hand column under the heading “Site Search”. However, while certain aspects of a site like this may resemble a forum, and we certainly debate scientific issues of the day, this page is part of the Sciencebase science blog as opposed to the Sciencebase science forum. Anyone can contribute a comment, but the posts are generally initiated by me, with only very occasional guest articles.

  2. Hi, everybody!

    I think, that this is a great forum. Very intresting and useful.
    But I can’t find the search function, cause I want faster find the topics that could be intresting for me to express my opinion…
    Please help me with search function on this forum!

  3. idnedhelper, on the basis of the URL you originally included in your comment (which I have removed), I can only assume your comment is spam. However, you do raise an interesting point, but by “this forum” do you mean or ChemUnPub? There is no poll creation plugin on Sciencebase, although it may be something I’d consider installing if there were enough interest from readers. if you are asking about CUP, I’d ask your question again on that site instead, as users there will be much better placed to advise you.


  4. ChemUnPub owner Francesco Mazzini had this to say in response:

    “I totally agree. It takes time to write even three-four lines of an experimental procedure, I know it very well, and obviosuly it is the last thing you think about when you are in working hours, and it passes by once you are free from work. In this “launch phase” I am relying on students and researchers who are used to writing papers and have more freedom generally than company research workers.

    The forum structure was chosen both for the ease of posting (on the author’s side) and setting it up (my side). I already thought of a database structure, but first I have to see if such an effort is worthwhile, and this depends on the number of posts.

    From my point of view, at the moment I have to alert as many people as possible. I started with my friends in Italy and other countries, registering in some chemical forums and mailing lists, and in the last two days I got some results (around ten new members not connected to my friends).

    One point should be made clear: it is not intended to be a chemistry forum, but a forum database of experiences…it will be of interest to anyone who passes through the site to share their experience, as the general rule of all scientific (and not scientific) journals.”

  5. I asked Michael Engel to expand on his pointer to this site and he emailed the following comment:

    “I see a mountain of hard work lurking around the corner (for the author). If he doesn’t promote and promote and promote, it will fail – as most of the people (and scientists) don’t contribute anything to things like mailing lists (like my former list PHTHALO) or forums. I am not sure yet, if a forum is a good structure for such an idea (but it’s better than nothing) as it will be difficult to search. A database would have been better – but that is certainly difficult to setup.”

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