Climate Change Debunked

climate-changeSo, how’s that for a blog post title? Catchier even than last Saturday’s New Harry Potter Trailer, right? So, is it just another spurious headline designed to grab attention or is there something in it? Well, you will no doubt have read about the recent APS debacle over the paper from Lord Monckton in which he stands up the anthropogenic climate change straw man and, pardon the pun, burns it down.

If you’re in the UK, or have figured out the BBC iPlayer hack to let you use that tool outside the UK, you may have seen the recent global-warming-coming-oil-crisis-we’re-all-doomed drama Burn Up. You probably also heard about a little fella called Al Gore and his inconvenient movie and the Channel 4 documentary that attempted to shred it, perhaps a little conveniently ignoring some key facts as it did so.

Meanwhile, power companies report massive profits and price rises for gas and electricity. They simultaneously pump up prices from well to wheel as the oil price bounces like a proverbial vulcanised rubber ball and everyone is looking to save gas.

I’ve published several items about alternative energy sources recently and still stand by the didact: waste not, want not. It’s important that we cut pollution and it’s important that we reduce the amount of energy we waste. We should be looking at what we are planning for the world, especially in light of madcap schemes like adding lime to the oceans, before it’s too late.


30 thoughts on “Climate Change Debunked

  1. Three articles say it all. Anthropogenic CO2 is not nor will not be a climate or environmental issue.

    A fourth publishing will show why human emissions did not raise the levels from 250 ppma (preindustrial revolution levels) to 385 ppma

    Since Mr. Gore owns Generation Investment Management, a company that buys and sells carbon credits, then his movie is an infomercial – 31,478 scientists in the US alone say so. – 31478 with a minimum BS degree in select sciences and disciplines say there is no such thing as Anthropogenic Climate Change or GLobal Warming.

    There are more than 40,000 scientists world wide that also disagree with Mr. Gore and his assertions. The consensus was derived from articles published in a (one single) ideological environmentalist magazine, not the science community.

  2. No problem with increaseing energy efficeincy, recycling everything, reducing consumption individually. But why arent we dealing with the rapid growth of population? For every extra person on the planet, given we all live so much longer, we wipe out any gains we make in reducing our existing impact. In reality as teh population goes up we have to reduce our individual impact by the same proportion……when did that ever happen?

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