Comical rhyming history of life, free ebook

Last year, James Dunbar researched and wrote a scientifically accurate, rhyming comic book about the origin of the universe. This year, he’s back with part 2 of the trilogy:

“It’s Alive! The Universe Verse: Book 2”

Dunbar’s new tome, available digitally or in paper tells the story of life on Earth and its likely origins from non-living chemicals. It covers the formation of the solar system, Earth’s early history, the fundamental principles of evolution and natural selection and the basic structures and systems of life as we know it. It’s (w)rapped up in a well-written rhyme and reason full-colour illustrated book. Dunbar covered the various costs by crowd-sourcing funds using Kickstarter. You can preview the book on his website, order the $15.95 paperback, or download the low-resolution PDF version of the book courtesy of Sciencebase, with Dunbar’s kind permission.

To get the free version of Dunbar’s “It’s Alive” please “like” the Sciencebase page on Facebook and then pop back here to download the 4.8Mb PDF version.

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  1. Incidentally, the Facebook reference was a little joke about marketing, although you’re welcome to “like” us, of course, you can download the ebook for free without doing so.

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