Dave Bradley Photography

UPDATE: August 2017 – I recently signed up for yet another photography website, GuruShots, users get to vote on each other’s work and there are prizes…I’ve taken up several of their challenges recently and am rattling up the ranks having gone from newbie to rookie in a couple of weeks…oooh!

Sciencebase regulars of these last (almost) three decades or so will know me as a science journalist, but I also write a few songs and play in a couple of bands. The third passion of my Science, Songs, Snaps, tagline is my photography, of course. I love to create photographs of all kinds of festivalgoers and bands at Strawberry Fair and the like, architecture, abstracts, and most recently birds, more than 100 different species in the gallery now, some of perched birds others in flight, this gallery will form the basis of my forthcoming book “Chasing Wild Geese”.


There are countless sites for depositing and sharing one’s photos online. Mine are scattered across Flickr, 500px, Facebook, Google+, Instagramand various others as well as on my Imaging Storm Photography website.


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