Detox Kits

A sciencebase visitors attempted to spam the blog recently with an advert for his detox kits. Needless to say, this blog automatically adds a rel=nofollow tag to all comment URLs, so it’s a waste of time spamming us anyway, but moreover, all comments are moderated so that cr*pfloods are easily averted.

Anyway, if you want to find out what a detox kit is check this Google search: detox kits – Google Search

It seems that the marketing spiel claims that these kits can clear out the tell-tale signs of any drug of abuse and so help users pass drugs tests. Looks like bunk to me, nothing can “detox” your body. Metabolites have to be excreted eventually and chemical analysis would reveal the presence of even modified metabolites in your urine.

One thing that does worry me about these kits though. If they do “mop up” drugs and drug metabolites from your bloodstream then they’re going to have to be incredibly selective so as not to interfere with prescription drugs, surely.

I’d be very wary of using them (they’re rather pricey too!) to try and pass a drugs test. Much easier just to avoid those drugs of abuse in the first place.