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Developing World Special Offer


A few contacts from the developing world have asked about pricing of my book as they’d like to get a copy but the standard price is, they hint, a little high for their budgets. So here’s the deal. If you live in a blue zone on the map below – China, South America, Asia, Russia or any country on the map coloured a shade of blue, then you can order the DRM-free PDF of my book Deceived Wisdom for the price of just GBP1.00 (which is about $1.50). The lack of DRM on the ebook means you can transfer it between devices and so read it on whatever reader/computer you have access to that handles PDF files.


Just to be clear, you have to live in a blue zone, as opposed to a purple, burgundy or rust-coloured zone. That’s those areas coloured with hex codes: #5A80BE, #7BCDD4, #536EBA, #6AA4C9, #8ADCD1, #AEEFC7 or #C5FACA :-). The map is cribbed from Wikipedia and colours are based on per capita gross domestic product. I hope this is a reasonable offer to allow some more of you to take a look at my book.

Please note, payment is via Paypal to my publisher’s account, but you should be able to pay with a credit or debit card even if you haven’t got a Paypal account. You will need to supply a valid email address for the link and you need to download the file as soon as you receive the email as it times out after a day. If you have any problems just email me and I’ll forward the file manually once payment has cleared.

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