Disease Mongering

I was a bit tardy covering the recent conference on disease mongering, but to make up for it have posted a new poll on the SciScoop site to give visitors a chance to voice their opinion.

A conference held April 11-13, in Newcastle, Australia, raised some serious questions about the motives of the pharmaceutical industry. The patents on drugs for old-fashioned diseases that were originally making a $1billion a year are almost all expired and new avenues of research under the umbrella of biotech have yet to make the same level of return for other diseases. As such, there is a feeling among some observers that “new” conditions, such as restless legs syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and sexual dysfunction are being hyped by the industry as the serious ills of our time that need new (lucrative) treatments. Is this the case or can we simply not do without the chemical fix of those repeat prescriptions? A collection of freely accessible essays on the subject of disease mongering is available on the PLOS Medicine site.

Visit SciScoop to vote in the poll and help us answer the question – “Are we drug company puppets?”

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