Einstein Meets Hendrix

Einstein meets Hendrix

Well, not quite, but the wonderfully named Dr Mark Lewney puts on a great show not only as an axe hero extraordinaire but as a high-flying physicist who can explain why his nifty chops and runs sound the way they do. I had a quick e-chat with him the other day and we obtained permission to post his Famelab video from Channel4 on Youtube. So turn your speakers up to 11 and get ready to rock, harmonically, to the physics of heavy metal geetar!

The one thing that lets Dr Rock down is the total lack of a Justin Out of off of The Darkness jumpsuit and chest wig. Oh well, can’t have everything…

3 thoughts on “Einstein Meets Hendrix”

  1. He’s got some great stomp boxes too, he tells me…speaking of which, couple of friends and I cranked it up to 11 on Saturday night (wife was away). Irony is my 13y old son asked us to turn it down! Pah! At his age, I wanted everything as loud as possible…perhaps explains my creeping deafness.


  2. …he tours, as well. A touring physicist, showing off fret-skillz to schools. As far as I can tell he has the best job in the world!

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