How do I contact Sciencebase?

Email feedback[at]sciencebase.com
 Please email me first if you need to speak to me.

What is Sciencebase.com?

Sciencebase.com is the place to be for active science communication on the web, I cover lots of areas in scientific, technical, engineering, and medical topics. Articles and information are researched and written by David Bradley Science Writer. The name comes from the generic term for the underlying scientific infrastructure, the researchers, laboratories and equipment, research results, and the scientific literature – the science base, in other words – the site has been online since July 1999, although it emerged from a website I had called Elemental Discoveries back in 1995.

Who is Sciencebase.com for?

The site is aimed at everyone who has an interest in scientific, technical, engineering, and medical subjects including chemistry, physics, biomedical research and other natural and physical sciences. The site is written for the educated lay person with an interest but not necessarily training in any given field. We also cover music and photography to a lesser extent with examples taken from David Bradley’s output in those areas used purely for entertainment or to illustrate a principle or point.

Who owns Sciencebase.com?

David Bradley

Does David Bradley run any other sites?

Yes, Imaging Storm, ChemSpy, ScienceText, SciScoop, and Reactive Reports, although these sites, which have been around for at least a decade are currently on hiatus while he uses his spare time to write, record and perform original music and take photos.

What is the Sciencebase RSS news feed channel?

Click here to add our newsfeed to your newsreader.

Has Sciencebase.com won any awards?

Sciencebase.com and its associated sites have won several awards and commendations from the likes of Encyclodedia Britannica, BioMedNet, The Guardian, Scientific American, New Scientist, Scout Report. I have received several personal awards for my science writing too.

How do I become a Science Writer?

So you want to be a science writer…? There are many routes into the profession and some expert advice can be found at the ABSW, CASW, and NASW websites in their respective SYWTBASW documents.

How do I get an A to my other Q?

Please Email me, if this FAQ doesn’t answer your question. You can view our privacy policy here and our disclaimer here. NB Sciencebase welcomes letters from readers, which, from a legal standpoint become the property of the site Owner (David Bradley Science Writer). Owner also reserves the right to reprint correspondence, whether received via email, as a post comment, fax, traditional means or other electronic or non-electronic means, in edited form. As such, any correspondence may be discussed on Sciencebase and associated sites, including but not limited to SciScoop.com, ChemSpy.com, ReactiveReports.com, ScienceText.com, and Imaging Storm. If you would prefer your name not to be used in such materials please conspicuously mark your correspondence at the top or in the subject line as OFF THE RECORD.

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