Filling up on Sciencebase

Grab Sciencebase. There are now several more ways you can get more Sciencebase goodness than there were just a couple of years ago when I first compiled this post. I updated the tumblr account for the site, we saw the launch of Google+, I’ve expanded Facebook activity considerably and passed the fantastic landmark figure of 15,000 Twitter followers.

If you have an iPad or use another iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone) you can view Sciencebase (with tech news incorporated from sibling site and chemistry news from in the all in one “Sciencebase app”. You can also still add the Sciencebase webfeed (newsfeed, RSS, call it what you will) to your Google Reader, Feedly, Zite, or FlipBoard and see headlines and full-text as soon as new posts appear here.

There is also now the Sciencebase Twylah page, which automatically determines the most active Twitter topics and posts and gives you a magazine-like display of my offerings on the microblogging site.

Thumbnails for Sciencebase and connected sites and places you will see the David Bradley byline are collected on the Sciencebase Tizmo page.

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