Free Chemistry Magazines

Regular ChemSpy visitors may have noticed I ditched the AdSense ads. For a small niche site like ChemSpy, they just filled a blog’s web real estate with irrelevant, supposedly contextual links to other sites, that really don’t pay the rent, unless a blog is really drawing in the crowds from search engines rather than a loyal readership who find the site itself truly useful.

Running in parallel with those ads, however, I have been posting links using a little script to the Chemspy partner site offering visitors something a bit more substantial in return for clicking a link than a vacuous offsite link: a free subscription to various chemistry magazines. So, if you’re a qualified chemistry, pharma, or biotech professional, then you get to grab some freebie bedtime reading that doesn’t require a wifi connection to view. At the same time, Chemspy gets a little juice to sustain it, instead of you getting an external link to some obscure reference that just happens to have a coincident keyword with my words on the page.

Among the more popular magazines in these fields are Biophotonics International, FierceBiotech, Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, FierceBioResearcher, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, LC*GC North America, Drug Discovery News, and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (coincidentally, one of the magazine to which I contribute on my regular science news beat). Check them out, they’re all free if they’re in your professional area, and if you subscribe it helps sustain ChemSpy during the working week.