Geordie Boffin Science Podcast – #1

UPDATE: I recorded just six episodes, but time pressure and deadlines at the time meant its untimely demise, I may resurrect the Podcast at some point, but I think it would be much better served if I did it as a chats type discussion on science news with colleagues rather than it simply being me reading out the latest blog post.

Geordie Boffin Podcast

Welcome to the first Geordie Boffin Podcast from David Bradley. This irregular and irreverent podcast will bring you audible reporting from the sciences. For most Sciencebase readers this will most likely be your first chance to hear my dulcet tones (and those of my wife) as well as a little effected guitar playing for the intro!

You can play the sound file by using the media player built-in to this post, download the mp3 and stick it on your iPod.

Check out our information sheet for more about the Geordie Boffin Podcast, and for some definitions, in case you’re wondering what any of those three terms actually mean!