Scientists are known for…

Inspired by’s racial profiling site Google
your race) in which they list the results entirely out of context of searching Google
with the phrases "white people are known for", "black people are known for",
"Hispanics are known for" etc etc, we thought we’d give it a try with the phrase
"Scientists are known for". Some interesting results emerged, all of them
totally out of context and not necessarily meaning what you think they mean, but
interesting in some strange way nevertheless.

Scientists are known for…

  • their sense of humour
  • their ability to share their insights
  • their love for painting and music
  • being concerned more with basic research than
  • refusing to accept medicine or treatment by doctors
    (admittedly it was Christian Scientists in this case)
  • keeping long hours
  • their expertise in such areas as cytogenetics
  • their lucid and elegant prose (in fact it was few
    social scientists)
  • challenging conventional wisdom and changing our
    world for the better
  • their assertiveness, self-promotion, and high
    degree of self-confidence
  • their intuitive models
  • being precise

Later, we’ll Google another job to find out what Google really thinks of you…

7 thoughts on “Scientists are known for…”

  1. Hey, this item got picked up on Seed’s daily zeitgeist (Jun 22) –

    They claim I took a “David Bradley uses a wholly unscientific technique to find out what people think of scientists”. I must disagree. It wasn’t “wholly” scientific at all. In fact it was very scientific in some sense as I exploited a search engine algorithm to locate documents containing references to the phrase “scientists are known for” rather than picking documents at random. Said algorithm weights entries in the search engine index based on various factors, such as website size, age, backlinks etc. So, while it’s not “entirely” scientific there was a degree of valid method to the search. Try it for “Seed magazine is known for”:

    • high content of chlorophyll pigments
    • growing thick and compact
    • its flavor in rye bread
    • its tendency to lose viability during storage

      Nuff said.

  2. “Twinkies are known for” …providing excellent nutrition, apparently, but that’s their only entry. It’s a Googlewhackblatt in other words.

  3. Astronomers are known for…

    • their advanced monetary system
    • recording
    • their hard work and dedication to science
    • playing similar games
    • their ludeness in naming things
    • their love of the homegrown

    And, that’s it.

    Next, geeks…

  4. Geeks are known for…

    • wonderful things
    • spending endless hours in front of a computer, not for taking breaks to do push-ups or run laps
    • their meticulous detail and eye-straining care for correctness
    • their animal-loving qualities (there was a ? after this one!)
    • three things
    • proudly memorizing and applying the minutiae of an unconventional subject to every aspect of their lives
    • liking clever pranks
    • one thing – besides being a bit on the whiffy side, of course
    • their fanatacism

    Next, chemists…

  5. Chemists are known for…

    • producing on a small scale
    • the amusing names they give new creations
    • discovering elements, naming reactions, and making household
    • developing a wide array of different products for the skin,
      body and hair with clinically proven results

    Unfortunately, it seems no one cares about chemists as that’s
    it! Just five mentions!

    Science writers are known for…

    getting bored easil…………….

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