Hangover Culprit Found

Hangover culprit

A fellow “Digger” dugg this article I posted on Reactive Reports issue 47 in which I discussed: Hangover Culprit Found. Of course, the headline was slightly misleading as was the opening paragraph which alluded to acetaldehyde being the cause of hangovers. This was pointed out to me by no less than a few of the other 470+ Digg members who voted the article to the front page of that site.

Of course, it is well known that acetaldehyde (ethanal) is an ethanol metabolite (made when the liver goes from Oooooh, to Aaaaah) and is itself toxic and considered to be one of the leading causes of those awful morning after symptoms. However, the actual research I discussed focused on specific aspects of the genetics of some East Asians who suffer particularly bad hangovers. You can read all about it in Issue 47 of Reactive Reports.

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