Herbal Hogwash

Why is it that in a centre of scientific and medical excellence, namely Cambridge, do the city’s powers that be think it’s a good idea to let a herbalist pedal their wares in a prominent city centre shop?

At best, the products on sale are pseudoscientific hogwash for which any positive effects are likely to be mere placebo in origin. At worst, the apothecary’s shelves are laden with unregulated, untested, and potentially toxic materials that dupe those with any of a vast range of diseases into believing in a panacea for their ills that simply does not exist.

If these products worked, wouldn’t it be an obvious sector of the market for the pharma industry to move into? Surely, that would have happened already, if these products worked…

2 thoughts on “Herbal Hogwash”

  1. Of course they could, they’d only have to formulate it into a palatable form. Please point me to the placebo trials that demonstrate efficacy and the controls that ensure no herbal medicines are being prepared with toxic components such as mercury salts…

  2. Don’t you see that they can’t move into a profitable sector of the market whether or not they do or do not work (of which some actually do, according to double-blind-placebo-controlled studies). Because they are natural and not patentable, there is no profit for pharma companies to bother with them…doesn’t mean they don’t work…open your mind and do a bit more research before you sound anymore naive and ignorant.

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