Homeopathy is nothing

The reason that homeopathy is so perfect as a form of quackery is because it is quite literally nothing. On second thoughts, I suppose that it’s not exactly nothing. It is, after all, water or whatever other diluent that homeopaths use (usually ethanol). However, thanks to some basic laws of physics and chemistry and a little thing known as Avagadro’s number, any homeopathic dilution greater than 12C (twelve serial 100-fold dilutions) is incredibly unlikely to contain even a single molecule of starting compound.

Science-Based Medicine » A truly homeopathic defense of homeopathy. It is, of course, also debunked in Deceived Wisdom.

3 thoughts on “Homeopathy is nothing”

  1. NO. Homeopathy = quackery. Being nice to people in a pseudomedical practice setting may have some kind of placebo effect, but water and sugar pills do not. You seem to imply “laboratory test conditions” is a negative, as if random, highly subjective, real-world settings with no way of controlling for myriad confounding factors is a better way to test a therapy. Look at what you’re actually doing…do you really not understand what happens when you dilute something to the point that there is none of the original stuff left? Moreover, like does not cure like, that was simply made up in an era when we were yet to learn about pathogens or genes…sheesh.

  2. Evidence of homeopathy is undeniably positive and consistent. It’s a human evidence of experience, gathered from a real-world observation in a real-world setting (not in an ideal artificial laboratory test conditions) giving real-world solutions.

  3. Homeopathy is an outrageous pseudoscience, which endures these days as a “complementary” or “alternative” medication, despite there being no efficient medical proof that it performs.These organic health aids are intended mainly for the self-treatment.

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