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intute staff launch

The various strands of the UK’s Resource Discovery Network are woven together today with the launch of Intute, which means our PSIgate Spotlight newsletter will become part of Intute under the science, engineering, and technology banner.

In the July issue of Spotlight, out today:

Supernova enigmatic variations

It sounds like an alien world from the latest Dr Who plot, but new observations of an X-ray source within the 2,000-year old supernova remnant RCW 103 hint at the presence of a strange kind of magnetar…

Ferro enough!

US researchers have found a way to induce switching in nanoscale materials, a discovery could lead the way to new types of memory devices for computer information storage, tiny sensors, and even nano motors to power microelectromechanical (MEMS) systems…

Lotus position

US chemists celebrated the 4th of July with publication of one of the most sought after materials – one that emulates the incredible water-repellency and pollution-protective nature of the surface of the lotus leaf.

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  1. I attended the intute launch party at the Wellcome Trust fantastic premises in London yesterday and finally met the incredibly dedicated team behind the various hubs that have been drawn together to provide researchers with a tool that has to be the most potent access point to validated internet resources out there. If you’re fed up with Google’s vast spam results then check out intute you’ll be pleasantly surprised how targeted a search can be…


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