Lawrence McGinty and Global Warming

The UK’s ITN science news reporter Lawrence McGinty asked fellow science writers via the ABSW discussion group who it was that coined the phrase “global warming”. Jon Turney suggested that the first strong claim was made by a Brit called Callendar in the 1930s, but more intriguing is Martin Ince’s note that in 1886, Arrhenius wrote that all the coal that folk were burning might cause the Earth to get hotter. So, the concept of anthropogenic climate change certainly isn’t new.

2 thoughts on “Lawrence McGinty and Global Warming”

  1. As I mentioned in Geeky Bits last week, the American Physical Society is backpedalling somewhat on anthropogenic climate change with the aim of opening up debate. Consensus? There never was one. This is science, there are never consensi.

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