Nobel Prize for Peace 2007

Oscar winning politician Al Gore and the hundreds of scientists of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change established by the United Nations) have been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize for Peace for their work on raising international awareness of our responsibilities when it comes to climate change.

The award highlights the fact that climate change could have a significant impact on international relations and world peace. Indeed, former IPCC chairman Dr Bob Watson, said that, “What the Nobel Committee has done is to demonstrate to the world that climate change is not just simply an environmental issue but an issue of peace. Climate change can threaten security both at the national and regional level and has brought into sharp focus just how serious this issue is.”

Current chairman Rajendra Pachauri said that this is a prize for all scientists pushing for action against climate change. UN Secretary General said that the Prize, for them, shows that it is beyond doubt that climate change is affecting the world.

2 thoughts on “Nobel Prize for Peace 2007”

  1. Adam, thanks for your comment. There usually is a timelag before the impact of pioneering work is felt, but I get your point. As to Al Gore…well….even the IPCC said in its report earlier this year that they were only 90% certain. That’s a one in ten chance of it not being anthropogenic, isn’t it? There are people I know who would bet their life savings on a horse with longer odds than that. Today, I heard that there is renewed effort to ban Gore’s movie in schools in the UK unless it’s showing is accompanied by a balanced debate or some other way of showing that science is not unanimous when it comes to climate change. 90% is not a dead cert, for sure, no matter what those who would increase taxes and fight oil wars tell the gullible media.

  2. I am unimpressed.

    Nobel prize in medicine was for work pioneered in the 80s. Chemistry was from the 60s. Physics from 1988.

    All of these are established, tested, probed, and perfected discoveries with tangible impacts decades later.

    The jury is in no way unanimous on anthropogenic global warming, and there are no tangible effects conclusively pinned to anthropogenic global warming as the sole cause.

    That Gore won the Oscar and the Emmy was essentially guaranteed because Hollywood rewards sensationalism. But sensationalism should have been left out of the Nobel Committee.

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