Stable bonded oxygen

Have you heard of stable bonded oxygen molecules? No? Neither had we until an associate showed us an advert for Aerobic Oxygen.

Apparently, this wonderful stuff can treat multiple sclerosis, asthma, malaria, Parkinson’s disease, cancers, ME, flu, eczema and many other disorders. So claim the manufacturers in their marketing spiel.

The molecules in Aerobic Oxygen ‘will not release themselves until the body has need for them, therefore they travel through the body in a stable form.’ Aside from the obvious pseudoscience and the large drop of snake oil, we wonder why anyone would buy the stuff when there is so much stable bonded oxygen all around us – just enough in each breath to fulfill the body’s needs, in fact.

Weirdly, on the next page of the magazine carrying the advert, we were startled to find another, this time, marketing a product for improving eye health. The Visionace nutrient capsules from Vitabiotics apparently ‘help maintain healthy eyes and vision’ and the ‘formula’ includes ‘important antioxidant nutrients like ”natural” carotenoids, vitamin C and bioflavonoids in common with lots of other health supplements.

We began to imagine the consequences of matter colliding with antimatter, and wondered what terrible health effects might befall any one taking Aerobic Oxygen at the same time as these antioxidant capsules. Perhaps they would simply cancel each other out in a flash of the credit card. Now, take a deep breath, count to ten…and relax.