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Gary Wiggins alerted CHMINF-L subscribers to the launch of a listserv discussion group for Pubchem users:

“The PUBCHEM-L listserv provides a forum for users of the NIH PubChem
database ( to discover how to make the
best use of the database,” he told us.

Wiggins also provided a warning to users thinking of flaming the makers of PubChem. “It is not intended to be a platform for political debate on whether it is right or wrong for the US government
to create such a database,” he said, “Appropriate questions or comments to be submitted to the list include methods of searching, descriptions of auxiliary tools to enhance the utility of PubChem searches, how best to interface with other systems, how PubChem compares with other sources,

Visit Pubchem-L to search the archives and to subscribe.

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  1. Atta, I may look into this for a future post, but just quickly the more “oily” the fish and also the higher the species is up the food chain, the higher the levels of accumulated mercury are likely to be.

  2. please i need information on the distribution of mercury in the tissues of different species of freshwater fishes

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