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Fat Obesity Metabolism
Structure of Morphine
Treating Premature Ejaculation with Dapoxetine
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Adenosine triphosphate
Muscle and Myosin
Breast Cancer
Protein Based Sensors
X-ray Movies – Argonne Advanced Photon Source Annual Report
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Rock Climbing Doctors
Treating drug addiction with ibogaine Elemental Discoveries – 02/05
Protein science – Energy Landscapes – 02/05
Liquid crystals – ANL Advanced Photon Source Annual Report
Spyware Trojans and Worms – How to detect and delete viruses and hide behind a firewall
Can research into epilepsy open a window on the workings of the brain – 01/05
Envirox Fuel Catalyst Additive Stage Coach Buses 01/05
SAXS and smart materials – Argonne Advanced Photon Source Annual Report
Catalysis Argonne – Perovskites at the Advanced Photon Source (Annual Report)
Atoms, ionization and decay – Argonne Advanced Photon Source Annual Report
Discipline for gold nanocrystals – ANL Advanced Photon Source Annual Report
Ferroelectric films – ANL Advanced Photon Source Annual Report
X-rays shed light on photosynthesis – ANL Advanced Photon Source Annual Report
Dapoxetine for Premature Ejaculation
Sedna Alien Worlds
Elemental Discoveries – November 2004 – scientific news features review articles interviews with scientists
Deep sea exploration and marine science aboard Alvin et al – 11/04
Biopiracy Article – Elemental Discoveries Feature Articles – 11/04
Forensic Science takes on the criminals
Contractual obligation – contract research assistant (CRA) 11/04
No link between MMR and autism
Elemental Discoveries – October 2004 – scientific news features review articles interviews with scientists
Science Research Blogs entry: yotta nano pico femto atto zepto yocto
Incidents and Accidents
Predicting climate change – rising carbon dioxide levels
Green Silicon Production Environmentally Friendly Electronics 09/04
Chemical Structure Drawing Software
Molecular Models – Elemental Discoveries 07/04
List of Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Life on Earth – Chemistry
Road to Reality – Books by Roger Penrose
Interview with a science photographer – 06/04
Nandrolone Detector, sports drug test – Elemental Discoveries 07/04
Pharmaceutical news – compounds from fruits oranges natural product research 05/04
Discoveries of Elements – New Elements 113, Element 115 – 02/04
Social Engineering con tricks – review book The Art of Deception
Chemistry Software Review CAESA -11/03
Sensors for explosives, small molecules and neurotransmitters – 09/03
Chemistry software reviewed ChemBrain – 07/03
Acid Reflux Disease and Diet
Chemical Structure Recognition Elemental Discoveries – 04/03
The Real Butterfly Effect
PMS premenstrual tension syndrome research news – Elemental Discoveries – 02/03
Burgers spice spicier news – Elemental Discoveries – 01/03
Books Celebrating DNA and Genetics
Climate change research news – Elemental Discoveries – 12/02
Frustrated magnets
Fluorescent Molecules Entanglement and Antimatter – 10/02
Provigil Beats Sleep
Keeping chicken fresh and a review of Rosalind Franklin – 09/02
Steroid Detection Sensor – Elemental Discoveries – 08/02
Chemical Evolution – Elemental Discoveries – 07/02
Frozen pizza and acetone – Elemental Discoveries – 06/02 – Issue 54
Homeopathy Panacea or Placebo – Elemental Discoveries – 04/02
Molecular Shape – Elemental Discoveries – 05/02
Nanotechnology News – Nano the Hedgehog
Automated sound compression – Elemental Discoveries – 03/02
Serendipity and Science – On the origins of drugs
Room temperature ionic liquids – RTILs – Elemental Discoveries – 02/02 – Issue 50
Splitting water with light – Elemental Discoveries – 01/02 – Issue 49
Ginseng Good for Your Health
Elemental Discoveries – Frankincense and cancer – 12/01 – Issue 48
Chemical Safety Elemental Discoveries – 11/01
Research on non-linear wave propagation – 10/01
New uses for old drugs and pharmaceuticals – 09/01
Chemistry News – Elemental Discoveries – 08/01
Fluid turbulence – Elemental Discoveries – 06/01
Computer storage devices technology news – Elemental Discoveries – 04/01
Mercury salts – Elemental Discoveries – 05/01
Microwave chemistry – Elemental Discoveries – 03/01
Nanotechnology virus Elemental Discoveries – 02/01
Powder diffraction, X-ray news – Elemental Discoveries – 01/01
Elemental Discoveries about organic chemistry, cubane 04/00
Chemical cob web – outdated sites – 12/00
Interview with controversial scientist Rupert Sheldrake – 11/00
Obesity Fat Overweight Causes Diabetes – Elemental Discoveries 10/00
Metal Organic Porous Materials Research – 09/00
Interview with Monica Hughes – Elemental Discoveries – 08/00
Interview with Susan Greenfield – BioFeedBack – 07/00
Interview with Steve Jones – 06/00
Satellite protector – Scientific Discoveries 05/00
Ship in a bottle catalysts news – 03/00
Synthesis of Fullerenes and Fullerene Fragments Buckyballs 02/00
Virtual communities – 11/99
Crystal garden update – 01/00
Elemental Discoveries – porphyrin sieves 12/99
Scientific Discoveries about air quality, cancer and olives – 10/99
Elemental Discoveries – Special Issue – Flat packed technology polymer displays – 09/99
Imaging, pesticide, electrode, polystyrene, polypeptide – 08/98
X-rays, catalyst, ion channel, fullerene – Elemental Discoveries 07/99
Mediaeval art, spiro polymer, supercritical drugs – 06/99
ulcer, Helicobacter pylori, arthritis inhibitor, blood brain barrier Elemental Discoveries: 05/99
Elemental Discoveries: Gene control, analytical problems, sensor, singing fish, vancomycin – 03/99
Artificial taste, cancer and pylons, bodybuilding, green missiles, paralysis – 01/99
Automatic for the Chemist
Touch Wood! A Guide to Viagra Louts
Molecular brain surgery, TB (tuberculosis), viral vector 07-08/98
Elemental Discoveries – cosmic dust, E coli vaccine, steroids – 06/98
heart attack, near infra-red, magnetic separation – 03-04/98, elemental discoveries –
Elemental Discoveries 02/98
logic gate, twisted molecule, cardiac – Elemental Discoveries – 01/98
Eyesight, vaccine, green tea – Elemental Discoveries – 12/97
David Bradley’s Elemental Discoveries – 11/97
Modelling Nanotechnology – Elemental Discoveries 08/97
How We Smell – New Theory Reported in Elemental Discoveries
David Bradley’s Elemental Discoveries – issue 3: anticancer, oxygen, odd-even, hawthorn
Elemental Discoveries – issue 2: gene vector, glowing plants, pH, insomnia
Elemental Discoveries – issue 1 – diamond, tubular diamond, artificial bone
Chemistry Internships
TiVo, PVR, DVR, personal video recorders, digital video recorders
Joel Shurkin Blog – Cabbages and Kings
Chemical Informatics Letters
Women’s Health News
Molecule of the Month
Chemistry News Headlines
Rational Drug Design Software
Scientific American Award Winner Press Release, 05/03
Engineering gene therapy solutions – 12/04
Elemental Discoveries – molecular simulation
Current chemical research news from David Bradley – Reactive Reports
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Nature article by David Bradley – 06/05
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Interview with Eric Scerri from The Alchemist archive 3-apr-98
Molecular model of bleach
Elemental Discoveries – Microbes in the water supply – 08/04
Drugs in the water supply, problems with pharmaceuticals
Social science news blog item
Scientific Media News Release Service
Scince Fair Projects Online
Chemical Puns, Chemistry Humor, Elements
Scientific interviews with Fiona Brinkman biofeedback biomednet
Interview with Sir Philip Cohen
Interview with Steve Jones
Elemental Discoveries – Magnetic birds – 09/04
Chemists on the internet chemical web – 11/99
Cannabis and Avoiding the Munchies
Latest news on lab on a chip research – 12/99
Elemental Discoveries – Special Issue Part 2 – 09/99: Flat packed technology polymer displays
Odd-Even Crystallography Research News
Oxygen Therapy 09/96
Hawthorn for Health
Scientific research into arsenic poisoning problem 07/03
Grid computation Super Internet – 11/04
Elemental Discoveries – Paradoxical ozone – 09/04
Elemental Discoveries Elements found in the body – 10/01
Argonne National Laboratory – Advanced Photon Source Annual Report
Elemental Discoveries – Poached Egg heads, brain drain – 10/04
Elemental Discoveries – Truly implantable contact lenses – 08/04
Peer to Peer Mentoring – Elemental Discoveries – 09/04
Women in Science – Cracks in the Glass Ceiling?
Interviews with famous scientists
Elemental Discoveries – guest editorial from Indigo Instruments Molecular Models 11/04
Discovery of the Chemical Elements, Timeline, Chronology History 08/04 – Issue 72 (part2)
Homeopathy – a cure all in the mind. Complementary alternative medicine
Epothilone anticancer drug total synthesis – Elemental Discoveries, issue 3 (1997)
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Is there a material that blocks magnetic forces?
Dan Lednicer – Organic Chemist Turned Pastel Chef
Chemical Nomenclature and names of molecules – Elemental Discoveries
Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation
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Gene Placement – 02/98 Elemental Discoveries
Gallium Against Malaria – 02/98 Elemental Discoveries
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