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Want to read this website without having to visit it?

Well, you can and you can’t…if you subscribe to the free “newsfeed” you can read all the headlines and text from every post without having to visit itself. It saves you time by helping you scan the latest news without having to crawl through the whole site. Click the big orange subscribe button in the Sciencebase menus or in your browser address bar. You’ll be presented with various choices as to how to subscribe, but they’re all very straightforward. You can subscribe with your My Yahoo page, in Google Reader, Bloglines, PageFlakes, AOL, or any of dozens of other newsfeed aware programs and social bookmarking and blog aggregating sites.

Alternatively, there are several free newsreaders out there. Your fellow Sciencebase readers are currently using (in order of popularity): Newsgator Online, Snarfer, Bloglines, Firefox Live Bookmarks, Safari RSS (OS X Tiger),

It may not be immediately obvious from a quick glance at the Sciencebase site that you can now syndicate the news and blog entries from a range of categories. And, since I enabled fulltext in the feeds, you don’t even have to visit the site to read my words of wisdom!

Click the MultiRSS button or this link either to run our feed through 2rss, FeedDemon, FeedBucket etc or aggregate it in your standalone newsreader (amphetadesk, for instance). For more information about newsfeeds and newsreaders check out our RSS FAQ

You can also retrieve the general Sciencebase newsfeed by pasting your email into the following form and hitting “Sign Up!” Follow any subsequent instructions.

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Got a website? Want some science news? Email me to discuss syndicating the Sciencebase newsfeeds on your site.

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  1. More than 2700 of you have taken the hint and are not visiting this website! Well done. If you too don’t want to visit this website, click the big orange RSS newsfeed button top left of the menu or use the Google, Bloglines, Yahoo subscription form in the sidebar or links in the footer menus. That way you will get to see the fulltext of every post almost as soon as it appears on the site. Of course, you will have to visit occasionally to comment on any given post use my science tools, read new non-blog articles, to check out the Geeky Bits micro blogand more…

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