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I’m afraid I have disabled comments on the blog. After 15 years of trolls and spam it really isn’t worth the occasional golden nugget of useful discussion. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc if you wish to engage in meaningful discussion. Thanks! If you use the hashtag #sciencebase or just @sciencebase me I should spot your updates and be able to reply if I have something pertinent to say.


50 thoughts on “Sciencebase Guestbook Q&A

  1. Praise via email from Sciencebase reader and science enthusiast Clayton in Canada

    “I must admit to both admiring and envying you and your accomplishments. Your ability to present and explain what are often novel, complex and difficult scientific concepts, as well as your apparent effortless facility with words in doing so, are two notable and praiseworthy aspects of your skill and reputation as a premier professional science writer.

    And, it has been my experience that you always exude an admirable sense of humility when praised and congratulated for your obvious writing acumen. Try not to deflect the praise and congratulations – you’ve earned both many times over. In my experience you are never condescending, but are always gracious in presenting both your views and in addressing or responding to the views of others. You are both a gentleman and a scholar.”

  2. Only today I read of the ‘Periodic Table of Science Bloggers’ on the Universe Today site. I thought it quite amusing and possibly very useful to some.

    Edited for brevity.

  3. my science teacher gave us some extra credit and it turns out he just printed off the elemental puns from this site! haha i got every one right :)

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