Sciencebase on an iPhone

sciencebase-on-iphoneIf you happen to have one of those luxurious portable gadgets, like an iPhone or the slightly less luxurious Google Android, then you can now read your favourite Science-based blog without all the visual effects simply by loading up the following URL – for the mobile version of the site.

For those who care about these things, the sub-domain ports to a special Google Reader address that displays the headlines and description without calling up all the surrounding template headers, sidebars, and graphics, so you get a nice clean list of science headlines.

The display of the mobile site should be very fast on almost any device with any kind of connection as there are none of the overheads of a conventional website. It also avoids screen resolution issues.

Thanks to for the iPhone simulation, click the iPhone to display the image full-size. Ironically, that option may not be available to you, depending on what kind of mobile device you’re using to access the link.

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