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Dave Bradley Music

In case you didn’t know, I’m a science journalist by day, a photographer on my days off and a musician by night. I’ve written and recorded a few songs over the last couple of years, which you can get hold of from the usual download sites: iTunes, BandCamp, Google Play, Pandora, Deezer, Rdio, Amazon mp3, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. Lots of original songs and various cover versions licenced through Loudr for iTunes etc.


Here’s a very short list of a few of the musicians, bands and artists I admire: Athlete, America, The Beatles, David Bowie, Kate Bush, John Denver, Elbow, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Gerry Rafferty, R.E.M., Nile Rodgers, Rush, The Smiths, there are many others. Apparently, I occasionally sound like a Geordie Glenn Tilbrook (that’s according to the Manchedelic Roger Waters better known as Dek “MonoStone” Ham), and sometimes a blend of Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Sting and David Bowie…according to various wiseguys and wisegals on the songwriting forums…hmmm.