Sciencebase updates

Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed, I’ve been messing around with the layout of the Sciencebase site again. I created a new shiny logo, which is hopefully a lot more attractive than the old flat one. I’ve added a much snappier form for busy visitors to sign up for the sciencebase newsletter, so they can get the headlines without even having to visit the site. Similarly, the newsfeed (RSS) is there for anyone using Feedly etc. This gives you, the busy visitor, yet another chance to read the headlines (and in fact the complete text of each post) without even having to turn up at itself for the privilege.

One thought on “Sciencebase updates”

  1. We finally bit the bullet and upgraded to the new WP fork (2.1.x) and all seems to be okay, having enabled plugins one by one, and found a few minor incompatibilities. Moreover, we have finally got comments and Akismet working in harmony, which means no more manual spam filtering! If you spot any oddities (spurious chunks of code etc) please let me know.

    UPDATE: I spoke too soon, of course, today’s scheduled post didn’t appear until I manually “edited” it again, and then it screwed up the (wp-)cron system and I had to find a workaround. So, apologies if your favourite science news site was down earlier today. We’ve still got issues with cron, but hopefully we’ll have ironed those out before tomorrow’s update is due. In the meantime, thanks for your patience, db

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