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UPDATE: April 2009. After four years running SciScoop under the same voting and hosting system as the previous webmaster, I thought it was time for a change! We reached well over 4000 signed up members and 3000+ individual posts almost all with a least a couple of comments and a massive RSS feed subscriber base. Anyway, I’ve now relocated the site to a new WordPress-type host, overhauled the theme and site entirely with help from my good friend Ariel. We are now hoping to gain new supporters as well as new contributors. Do get in touch if you’d like to write a guest blog post on SciScoop!

We’re coming up to the first anniversary of David Bradley taking the helm at SciScoop and what a rollercoaster it’s been, site traffic rocketed early on (to mix a metaphor or two) and the settled down again, only to spike once more in October 2005. We’re seeing a steady 5000 readers a day now…and are way past the 2000-story point (all searchable of course). SciScoop is still riding high in Google News for lots of the latest cutting-edge science news as well as some of the more offbeat theories.

Now is the time to show your allegiance, forget those other science forums, and get along to SciScoop where you can post news items, comment and vote on other people’s submissions, and ultimately see your name bathed in the glorious SciScoop light, or at least framed with a nice shade of blue.

We’ve already got some excellent regular writers, but could always do with more contributors. If you’re a science student looking to get into science communication, for instance, or majoring in media or journalism and have an interest in science, then SciScoop could offer you your first published byline and a chance to beef up your resume.

Visit the SciScoop Science Blog and sign up for membership, check out our science news sources and add your own spin to the latest discoveries in science! SciScoop covers everything from astronomy to zoology and all that’s in between.

Hope to see you there soon!