Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a no-brainer for some people, but if you’re an average webmaster hoping to optimize your site to boost traffic and get greater visitor interaction (sales to you and me), then this white paper from Bloofusion reveals a few secrets you really ought to know before you get started.

This comprehensive 40-page booklet will help you make the right decisions about your search engine optimization program and unlike most documents of its kind it is free to sciencebase readers. Just follow the link fill in the form and wait for the download instructions to hit your mailbox.

If you are serious about Search Engine Marketing, this guide is a must read. SEO vs. PPC? Link popularity and PageRank? Why are meta tags insignificant? What are the top 5 optimization mistakes? Build vs. buy? How to select an agency? What does a relationship with an agency look like? Why should tracking be the foundation of your campaign? These are only some of the issues covered in 18 chapters of readable and actionable information. Don’t expect visitors to find you, make them want to come.

More on the subject of SEM here. Search engine marketing really is the alt phrase for those with SEO savvy who want to look like they wear a grey, as opposed to black, hat.