Sciencebase wants your blog

A couple of the recent additions to the Sciencebase science links were research-based blogs rather than the more familiar commentary type (like this one). The chat and waffle sites can be informative and entertaining but sites like the Usefulchem blog are more, well…useful, providing as they do insights into the processes of scientific research and potential offering new solutions through discussion. So, if you’re a scientist running a research-type blog, please get in touch. If there’s enough interest, I’ll create a separation links section dedicated to total syntheses, telescopic adjustments, physical fine-tuning and other research matters.

Please send your links in by email or add a comment to this post.

5 thoughts on “Sciencebase wants your blog”

  1. I’m running my own chemical engineering blog, which I share my current and previous working experiences. Does it suit your criteria? Just wandering…

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