Smoking ban

Geordie BoffinAsthma sufferers, non-smokers, and those who really just don’t care for passive-smoking-induced lung cancer can breathe a long sigh of relief as England follows other enlightened states and places a ban on smoking in enclosed public places, such as pubs, clubs, and restaurants, from July 1, 2007.

There’s sure to be an enormous backlash from those addicted to the Nicotiana vapours, but it can only be good for the rest of us who prefer not to partake of the various chemical congeners that accompany tobacco smoke: carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons, arsenic, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, lead, formaldehyde, phenol, butadiene, etc etc etc.

The ban in England will follow those in the Irish Republic and Scotland. Wales ban begins April 2, 2007.

Anyway, for those who simply cannot resist, there’s always those little patches, chewing tobacco, or what about the Victorians’ favourite, snuff? All the artificial benefits with none of the smoke. Oh, but regular use will increase your risk of nasal, oral, or throat cancer. You may even want to consider getting an e-cig with an Aspire tank for sale as these can reduce your nicotine intake and do not contain vapors that are as harmful.

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