10 Accidental Inventions

10 Accidental Inventions – Some taste good, others save lives but all 10 of these inventions came about by accident. Popsicles, the Slinky, Velcro, Teflon, Superglue, synthetic dyes and more. Music is Hokey Pokey by Bruce Maginnis and Daniel Weltlinger. Thanks to Jenny Winder for drawing my attention to this video.

Twitter Top 10 of science by The Independent

1. Brian Cox 2. Ben Goldacre 3. Richard Dawkins 4. Neil DeGrasse Tyson 5. David Bradley 6. Robin Ince 7=. Andy Lewis 7=. Mo Costandi 9. Roger Highfield 10. Tim Berners-Lee You can subscribe to them via my Twitter list. via The Twitter 100: Top 10 science – News – People – The Independent. Nice to […]

10 out of 10 for boron’s coordinated effort

A team in the US has created a boron compound that has the highest coordination number of any planar species, squeezing 10 spoke-like bonds from a central metal hub to 10 boron atoms equally spaced around a nanoscopic wheel. I asked theoretical chemist Pekka Pyykkö of the University of Helsinki, Finland, for his thoughts on […]