Exercise, alcohol, fruit and veg

There was a strike at the BBC yesterday, so the usual “You and Yours” on Radio 4 was replaced with an annotated compilation of recent in-depth reports by Michael Moseley from past episodes (I believe). It made for an interesting alternative podcast listen on my dog-walk today. He discussed the high-intensity exercise regime he tried […]

Five more science stories

Fukushima did not get any worse and is no Chernobyl? – Nothing had changed when they elevated Fukushima to the same level as Chernobyl, leaked radiation has gone down, although efforts are ongoing to cool the nuclear fuel and prevent any further radioactive material from escaping. The change simply recognises that it overall it was […]

Cancer, Gulliver, cat and mouse

Forget fruit and veg. Lose weight and cut the booze to reduce cancer risk People should be warned that cancer is linked to obesity and alcohol, rather than urged to eat more fruit and vegetables to protect against the disease. UK trialling testing sugar-coated salt on roads Although they’ve been using molasses for years in […]